Ypsilanti Township FireFighters Local 1830

In our dedication to the community, its residents, and all who work, live and play here. The FireFighters of local 1830 hereby promise to never waver in it duties as public servants and trusted professions. We also declare that no entity, no matter how it may try, will pull this brotherhood apart or make us deviate from our mission

– Saving Life and Property.

Welcome to the official website of the

Ypsilanti Township Professional Fire Fighters Union

IAFF Local 1830

TheYpsilanti Township Fire Fighters provide fire protection and emergency   medical services with a staff of 25 suppression personnel and 1 fire marshal to over 53,000 residents in a 36 square mile area 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We staff three fire houses with 4 engines, 1 telesquirt and 1 rescue truck. The Ypsilanti Township Fire Department also provides specially trained personnel for the county wide technical rescue response team and hazardous materials response team. In addition to that, The Ypsilanti Township Fire Department provides fire prevention and inspection,

a juvenile fire setter program, and many more services to our community.

Local1830 Elections:

Date: TBA



Retirement Board Mtg.

DATE: (Every other month, 3rd Thursday)

TIME: 3:00pm

LOCATION: @ The Civic Ctr.

Local1830 E-Board Meeting:


TIME: 8:30am

LOCATION: @ Station #1

Local1830 Union Meeting:

DATE: (Even Months 1st Tuesday)

TIME: 8:30am

LOCATION: @ Station #1


Local 1830 Members